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Everyone's life story has value and meaning to the people who are close to them. Yet few people take the time to write down their stories, or they feel uncomfortable with the writing process. I use my skills as a professional journalist to help people write their biographies, interviewing the subject and his or her relatives and friends, then assembling a clear, well-written narrative. After the manuscript is approved and pictures are chosen, I hire a highly skilled book designer to create a professional-quality book, either paperback or hardbound, that can be given to family members and friends. Contact me if you're interested in learning more about my biography writing business


balance - in search of the lost sense

..."Still, her brief and exotic stint in New York was to have a pronounced affect on the course of her life. She had found the Big Apple vibrant and wonderful and full of surprises, and life back in Akron, where she had been born and reared, paled in comparison. She missed New York terribly. And so she had something immediately in common with a young man she had recently met in Akron within the large circle of friends Miriam revolved in. He also had grown up in Akron, and had recently returned to the city after living in New York, where he had worked for an industrial engineering firm whose primary purpose was to help companies save money. He was waiting for reassignment when he met Miriam and discovered that she had also spent time in New York. They began to talk of their affection for the city, and how much they would like to return.

...“He was a nice-looking person and very easy to talk to,” Miriam says of her attraction to Work. “And we were both longing for New York, so we had a great bond in common.” Within several months their conversations about the big city turned to other even bigger matters: getting married. And when Miriam and Bert Work were wed on May 28, 1927, so began her adult life, a life full of unexpected turns of events, of numberless adventures to exotic destinations, of great sorrows and great joys, of wealth beyond imagining—where luncheons she held at the local country club, as well as the birth of her first two children were noted by reporters of the New York Times—as well as times of loneliness and financial insecurity."
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